A little bit of { you }


A little bit of: { you } is an ongoing archive project created to catalogue a brief look into the working practices of various artists, designers and other creative professionals in the UK and abroad.

Housed in the OVADA warehouse, the growing collection features drawings, annotations, poetry, illustration and various other forms of artwork collected in an intimate notebook format.

Acting as a library resource of contemporary artists’ working practice, the archive will open up chances for artists to find others working in the same mediums, or in vastly different areas to collaborate and start conversations with.

How to get involved: Buy a booklet from us, and fill it with whatever you want. Be as creative as you like, filling it with a brief glimpse into who you are and what you do. Think of it as a self promotional project but in an analogue form that will be viewed in a much more intimate and personal manner as people browse the archive.

Once you have completed the booklet, send it back to us and it will be added to our public archive where it can be viewed by visitors to OVADA. Whether that be community groups and schools, artists wanting inspiration or curators looking for possible collaborators.

If you become particularly fond of your completed booklet, you can of course keep it for yourself! There is no obligation to donate booklets back into the public archive.

Our booklets will be available to purchase for £4 from the warehouse during exhibition and event opening hours.

21cm x 13.5cm
28 pages of white recycled paper (140 gsm) with a white thread saddle stitch binding.

All booklets are handmade by OVADA volunteers, with money raised used to support OVADA’s artist development projects and events programme.

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