AD Pawley*

Adrian took his degree in Zoology at Glasgow University, but has spent most of his working life behind a camera or at an edit suite. He started to work in the Art Department at Oxford Brookes University, as the Video Technical Specialist in 2000, after six years at Oxford Film and Video Makers where he was a Tutor Technician. He recently completed a MA in Electronic Media, with distinction at Brookes.

Adrian’s Art Practice has been predominantly time based and electronic in nature, producing a number of short experimental films and animations, most recently a series of remade classic works of video art in Lego.
Recently Adrian has become interested in real world manifestations of video and the digital, the 2012 project “Digital Fossil” explored ideas of permanence by laser cutting digital glitch images onto slate and other materials.

Adrian’s current project “Video Home Standard” is looking to re-purpose vhs tapes, manipulating the content of the tapes digitally and building objects from the cassettes. So far he has made a display plinth, but hopes to expand the concept to a small shed and eventually a house.
Adrian has been an active member of the OVADA board since 2010, and helps run the regular Stammtisch evenings at the Port Mahon pub.

“I like to experiment with moving and digital images. I enjoy the way that happy accidents occur in the creative process. In my view Art should be fun. I rarely start with the final product in view, but discover an image, which inspires me. I am becoming increasing fascinated with the search for permanence of purely digital forms”.

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