Browitt Joshua

Joshua Browitt

My work originates from a personal inquiry into the nature of the sublime, evolving into an exploration of materiality, form, anti-form and complexity, through the experimentation of various paint mediums.

My newer work explores the nuances of various paints such as oils, acrylics, house hold paint and lacquers. Focusing on how they blend, repel, bubble and crack in a controlled environment. Pouring, tilting and manipulating over a period of time affecting the flow of the materials; as the evolution of form, colour and tone take place. As a consequence of creating layer upon layer of paint these objects fashion their own physical potential, existing as both earthly and ethereal forms. The paintings are abstract but not in a conventional sense. They are more of a response to what paint can do over a period of time left to its own devices.

There is something closely linked between the materials I’m using and the final paintings; how they often mirror the natural world reflecting topographical maps and satellite imagery of earth as well as water, clouds, fog and minerals.

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