Perkins Roger

Perkins Roger
Roger Perkins*

Oh dear! That one!
Every artist I’ve known struggles with that question. And like them, so do I. It’s not an unreasonable question of course. You want some idea of who/what I am and what I do/have done.

It’s not that I haven’t the vocabulary or the thought processes to put something into words- the problem lies in identifying and clarifying a life’s work (one still in progress!) in a few succinct and catchy sentences. (The ‘strap-line’ or ‘sound-bite’ on which to make a judgement or decision. That, somehow, feels inadequate).

Yet, to do myself ‘justice’ would need many pages to explain- an exercise that would take far too long and, ultimately, bore you to death.

But, understandably perhaps, you want to know what I do, where I see my work ‘fitting in’….better to look for now….the rest will follow.

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