Vergou Vicky

Vergou Vicky
Vicky Vergou

Vicky is a visual artist inspired by the essence of rural surroundings with a specific interest in water environments. Her work is related to the themes of migration and landscape using many art forms such as drawing, painting and film.

Vicky has studied in Athens Fine Art, Film and Graphic Design and has completed an MA in Contemporary Arts Oxford Brookes University in 2005.

Vicky has had a number of collaborations with national and international artists. In exhibitions and residencies she has worked in England, Greece and Germany. She is the recipient of the Odysseus Award in videoart as well as Arts Council Awards. She has worked as a director of photography, graphic designer, filmmaker, videographer and art teacher.

Water series is an ongoing project that explores the nature of water including observations of light, movement and sound. She currently develops drawings and other artworks inspired by the book How to read water by Tristan Gooley.

In 2011 with the support of the Arts Council England she develops the project Language Paralanguage, which explores the sound-world of the 44 official languages spoken in Europe examining the phonetic and written characteristics of language through participatory processes.

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