Stammtisch – Thursday 24 November 2016 – Board Games

'I've brought you back a baby dragon'

‘I’ve brought you back a baby dragon’
(pieces and detail of board)

Join us from 8.00 pm at Joe Perks and Co. on St Clements in Oxford, for the regular Stammtisch Art Meet.

This month come and play Cally Trench’s original board games! They are both playable games and works of art that are animated and completed by people playing them. The games (each for 2-4 players) last 5-20 minutes, and have accessible rules. They are suitable for all ages.

The eight games are colourful and exciting. The luscious pieces contrast with delicate black line drawings on the boards. The games are multi-layered: they seem sweet and benign, but more sinister and challenging aspects emerge.

For anyone who enjoyed playing Cally Trench’s board games at a previous OVADA Stammtisch (in 2011), there are now three new games to play.

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This is a free event – just turn up!

'I've brought you back a baby dragon' (pieces and detail of board) 'Gravestones and Dry Bones'

‘Gravestones and Dry Bones’

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