Stammtisch Art Meet

Stammtisch events are free and take place on the last Thursday of the month at Port Mahon in St Clements Oxford. The events include creative activities, games, performances and discussions that form a series of regular get-togethers for people with an interest in contemporary art. A collective of artists and organisations including Klick, CARU, Playground and OVADA run the events collaboratively. If you are interested in organising a future Stammtisch event refer to the Contact Us  page on this website

Venue: Port Mahon

Time: 8pm


Twitter: @art_stammtisch

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    Stammtisch Events:

    • Stammtisch – 25 May 2017 Election Special The regular Art Meet on the Last Thursday of the month hosts an Election Special for May. Work in small groups to come up with a party name and logo, write a short manefesto and make a rosette. The event is free and materials will be provided.
    • Stammtisch – 27 April 2017 18034095_10156253560565620_4661625143115835333_n This month Stammtisch will be hosted by the Oxford Brookes Art Society.
    • Stammtisch – 30 March 2017 17426021_10155210812299703_7615721792813433862_n Join us at the Port Mahon for our regular Art Meet. This month, Artist and Oxford Brookes PhD student Alissar McCreary will be facilitating a short workshop as part of her ‘disPLACED’ project, you will be making little figures for an installation, which will be shown in London next year.
    • Stammtisch – 23 February 2017 Stammtisch Port 8pm Port Mahon Come along to the Port Mahon for a relaxing evening with an artistic twist. Its free entry, the only requirement is an interest in Contemporary Art. You have nothing to loose, apart from your pre-conceptions of what art can be.
    • Stammtisch- Thursday 26 January 2017 drawing labyrinth StammtischLearn to Draw and Colour a Labyrinth Join us at our New Venue of the Port Mahon on St Clements in Oxford for the first Stammtisch Art Meet of 2017. Learn how to draw a labyrinth with easy to follow instructions, and talk about the place of this ancient pattern in art and culture.