Stammtisch Art Meet

Stammtisch events are free and take place on the last Thursday of the month at Port Mahon in St Clements Oxford. The events include creative activities, games, performances and discussions that form a series of regular get-togethers for people with an interest in contemporary art. A collective of artists and organisations including Klick, CARU, Playground and OVADA run the events collaboratively. If you are interested in organising a future Stammtisch event refer to the Contact Us  page on this website

Venue: Port Mahon

Time: 8pm


Twitter: @art_stammtisch

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    Stammtisch Events:

    • Stammtisch – Thursday 25 September 2014 photography_oxford_festival_logoPhotography Oxford Festival:  Strategies for survival in contemporary documentary photography OVADA presents a special Stammtisch as part of the inaugural Photography Oxford Festival. Chaired by the Assistant Festival Director, J P Reid, the discussion will explore strategies for survival in contemporary documentary photography, with award-winning and Magnum photographers: Jocelyn Bain-Hogg, Lewis Bush, Maja Daniels and Abbie Trayler-Smith. With special thanks to:
    • Stammtisch – Thursday 31 July 2014 Jon-LockhartStructures – Chimerical Waypoint(s)  Artists in Conversation 7.30 pm JD Haigh and Jon Lockhart Winners of the Oxford Open Professional Development Award, talk about their current exhibition at the OVADA Warehouse, Chimerical Waypoint(s), with response from special guest Tara Stubbs. Refreshments will be available
    • Stammtisch – Thursday 26 June 2014 whoweare1 Informal Elements Exhibition Late Night Viewing Come down to the Warehouse for a late night viewing of the Informal Elements painting exhibition.  Respond to the show and join in an informal discussion on the work. Refreshments will be available.
    • CREATE #8 CREATE at OVADA THURSDAY 29 MAY 2014 6:30pm – 10:00pm OVADA Warehouse OVADA is proudly hosting C R E A T E #8; a peer-to-peer culture micro-funding and collaboration event in Oxford, inspired by The Collect and their Spoon Fed events in Bristol. C R E A T E invites Oxford’s artists, performers, filmmakers and heritage, digital and community organisations to pitch for and support ...
    • Stammtisch- Thursday 24 April 2014 John Cage, Erik Satie and Oxford Improvisers It being neither the centenary of Erik Satie nor John Cage (nor any calendrical significance to either), Oxford Improvisers are celebrating the work of two of the most iconoclastic composers of the twentieth century with an evening of entertainment featuring members of the collective as well as guest dancers, ...