Touching, not touching

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22 – 30 July 2017
Preview: Friday 21 July, 6-9pm

An exhibition of Digital Artist Residency’s Emerging Artists-in-Residence:

Abigail Fletcher-Drye  |  Will Kendrick  |  Aaron McCarthy  |  Jules Varnedoe

Digital Artist Residency and OVADA present a showcase of the UK’s best new, emerging artistic talent as four artists explore a variety of digital processes and examine themes encountered by post-digital culture.

The artists were chosen to be Digital Artist Residency’s Emerging Artists-in-Residence between May and June 2017, producing work which examines the borderlines between emergent, digital technology and physical production. The exhibition responds to the interaction and the understanding of a digital ontology which sees the artist working towards a physical manifestation of their digital works. Touching, not touching is a phrase from Abigail Fletcher-Drye’s time in residence. It captures an essence of disparity inherent within digital works becoming solid.

Digital Artist Residency provides an online space on for artists to develop works, ideas and practices. The EAiR were in residency at DAR between May and June 2017, working towards a physical manifestation of digital works.


OPEN: Thursdays – Sundays, 12-6pm. 




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