I make as a means to help explore, connect with and navigate through life; it’s the lived inner experience that interests me and is at the core of my varied practice. Through seeing significance in the little things that, when given focus, embody so much more than the sum of their parts I try to get beneath the ‘thought’ to the ‘felt’; to places where words alone don’t quite cut it. 

I often work with things that have a common everyday familiarity and allow an emerging idea to take form via whichever medium gives the most; whether as object; video; installation; social participation pop-ups. 

Currently I’ve an ongoing public participation project; entitled ‘After the Bleep’ a collective voice of lives in lockdown. An open invitation (yes, please do) to call my answer machine on 01491 414 034 and leave a voice message in response to questions I post on Instagram @louiseshaw.artist This is the source for a larger body of work ‘Lockdown Legacies’; initially compiled as an audio/podcast series and later as life becomes more physical again in some form of immersive installation and a touring piece.

My last object based body of work explored my grief after my Dad died suddenly. “Made Tender’ involved domestic throwaways, things rarely given a second glance; used tea bags, sliced bread, a broken bathroom tile. By treating familiar objects in unfamiliar ways I could draw upon seams of association, both the cultural and the personal to reveal a deeper poetic that others related to.

Website louiseshaw.co

Instagram @ LouiseShaw.artist