Brooke Karima

Brooke Karima
Karima Brooke

My work is mostly acrylics or collage, including printing onto layers of tissue paper as in Tree Woman. This small picture is one of a series of 6, about metamorphoses, and inspired by the sci-fi film ‘Annihilation’. Other sci-fi films that have influenced my work are ‘Moon’ and ‘Arrival’.

Recently, I’ve got back into textile work, which I specialised in at art school, Coventry Faculty of Art and Design, in the late 1980s. The example here is My Garden – mind map, and it simply expresses where I am at the moment and where I’m planning to go in the future.

My work is narrative, figurative, usually issue-based and often I do a series on a theme. Azita Ghahreman, Poet in Exile is about a contemporary Iranian poet, living in exile in Sweden. This portrait of her is in gouache, and the lettering is the titles of some of her poems and phrases from them. The symbolism of red flowers for political prisoners is an image she uses in her own poems.

Mother of the ‘Poet in Exile’ series here, this time of one who died in exile just over 2,000 years ago, is Ovid writes a poem in the language of exile. I have also written poems to accompany each of the paintings in the Ovid series. Each picture is about something universal – such as communicating with a loved one who is far away; or remembering a hazardous journey to a safe country.

Trans/Trance Defiant Dancer is a piece in defence of LGBT rights worldwide. It is a large acrylic and collage painting. On the gold strands in English, Russian, Farsi, Urdu and Arabic is: ‘Freedom and justice for gay and trans people everywhere’.

The digital canvas collage, Chess redrawn: Mozambican Women was born out of a series of watercolour sketches I did a few years previously. Then I did a course in digital art using an iPad, and this subject seemed ideal for that treatment, celebrating four successful women of Mozambique (which is where the chess pieces originally came from, and all the human figures in that chess set are women).

There is often an equality/diversity/human rights theme to my work and I am currently researching ‘conflict textiles’ and peace processes. I am also learning about film-making and plan to make films about my poems.

Please contact me via OVADA if you would like to discuss a future collaboration.

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  • 'Chess redrawn: Mozambican Women'

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