Short Marigold

Short Marigold
Marigold Short

I studied Fine Art at the University of Northampton, graduating in 2018 with BA(Hons) First Class. Currently I am on the Print Fellowship scheme at the University one day a week. I am volunteering on the committee of the Friends of the Hestletine Gallery.

Being a Print Fellow at the university this year is giving me the opportunity to experiment further with print making techniques. I intend to take an image and print it in two different ways to compare and contrast because my line of enquiry is about perception.

I continue to make films of the world in a reflection. The work of the Abstract Expressionists has an influence on these films. For me the films are paintings that don’t stay still and ideally I’d be able to project them so that they cover an entire wall.

  • 'The 88 to Clapham Common' Photograph, 114 x 64cm (June 2018)
  • Still from 'Storm in a teacup.' Video (November 2018)
  • 'Dreaming' Screen print (proof), 30 x 21 cm (November 2018)
  • 'Blue and Purple' Screen print, 63 x 84 cm (December 2018)
  • 'Blue' Screen print, 76 x 64cm (November 2018)
  • Still from 'Sing the Blues'. Video (June 2018)

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