Danely Robin

Danely Robin
Robin Danely

Robin Danely is an American artist who moved to Oxford in 2014, where she lives and works in Headington. She primarily works as a portrait artist, but also experiments with still life and abstract work. She is a painter’s painter, relishing the tactile pleasure of paint and pigment, ever curious about what it can do. She is compelled not only by the range of human expression, but also the possibilities of colour and composition that make up each portrait. Her abstract work is a looser and more playful exploration of these elements, and is inspired by the shifting kaleidoscope of our selves and our world.

Robin was born and raised in Michigan, and grew up playing in her father’s art studio. She studied figurative painting in school, and pursued other media like printmaking and collage along the way. She has lived on all three coasts in the States (the Great Lakes are a well-kept secret!), and Kyoto, Japan before settling in Oxford, and has been influenced by the people and the palette of each place. Being a little bit on the outside makes for a keen observer, a skill Robin has honed in her life and on her canvas over the years.

She currently lives with her husband and three children, who give her ample insight into human behavior and keep her laughing when things get too serious.

  • 'Love’s Apogee' Oil on canvas, 20"x24" (2015)
  • 'Nature of Belief' Oil on canvas, 24"x36" (2014)
  • 'Ripen and Fall' Oil on canvas, 24"x31" (2014)
  • 'Jenni' Oil on canvas, 16"x16" (2016)
  • 'Sarah' Oil on canvas, 18"x24" (2017)
  • 'Aushlee' Oil on canvas, 10"x10" (2017)

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