Atwood Sarah

Dress Up, 2019
Sarah Attwood

I’ve avoided categorising myself as a particular type of artist, not wanting to limit myself to a certain media or way of working. I prefer to start with a concept or idea, and cast my net wide from there. As a student on the 2019 WAS course at OVADA, I pushed this further, using a range of materials from fake hair to plaster, as well as dipping my toe into video and community-based art.

In fact, video has been one of the most exciting developments for me. I’ve found it the ideal vehicle to explore and combine some of the key themes in my work, which include illusion and disguise, and the human figure. This had led me to investigate the things we wear or use to alter our appearance, and what this says about our life experiences.

My work doesn’t exist in a vacuum and in order to develop my ideas, I often invite direct involvement from other people, which has ranged from working with wildlife volunteer groups to interviewing my fellow students.


  • Toilette, 2019
  • Toilette, 2019
  • My hair, 2019

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