OVADA Open Award Winners

2019 – 2020

Professional Development Award Artists:
Nancy Dewhurst

Sebastian Thomas

Rishi Mullett-Sadones Memorial Prize Artist:
Lisa Bates

Related Exhibitions:
Seven Counties Open Exhibition (2019)
Award Winners Show: Fly Tipping – Arts at the Old Fire Station (2019)

2017 – 2018

Professional Development Award Artists:
Cally Shadbolt

John Blythe
Rishi Mullett-Sadones Memorial Prize Artist:
Tess Tallula
Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 15.14.13
Related Exhibitions:

Seven Counties Open Exhibition (2017)
Award Winners Show: Accord –
Arts at the Old Fire Station (2018)

2015 – 2016

Professional Development Award Artists:
G K Field
Gina Field Crystal.-2015Ellen Love
OVADA (City - West)Rishi Mullett-Sadones Memorial Prize Artist:
Alexandra Charlotte Pullen
Exhibition Photos:

Seven Counties Open Exhibition (2015)
Award Winners Show: Trio at the Old Fire Station (2016) 

2013 – 2014

Professional Development Award Artists: 
Jane Haigh
IMG_2683Jon Lockhart
The Revelator

Oxford Open (2013)
Award Winners Show: Chimerical Waypoint(s) (2014)


“The support that came with the Professional Development Award couldn’t have been better timed. Getting recognition for a project that I really felt hit an authentic resonence in my developing practice gave me the confidence, and through the support of Art at The Old Fire Station, the opportunity, to challenge myself and think in a much more professional and focused way. The mentoring support helped me plan and develop clear goals for the next steps and the connections that the exposure created have opened up new opportunities that may otherwise not have materialised.”
John Blythe

“Excellent curator support and mentoring, both through the exhibition and through the subsequent award, opened up new conversations for my work. The experience led on to doing the MFA at Oxford Brookes where I am now consolidating the thinking behind my practice and taking the work in an unexpected direction.”
Cally Shadbolt

“In the early post-art college years I was missing the conversation and reflection on my practice which is such an important part of an art degree. I was so glad that the Professional Development Award mentoring sessions, supported by HMG Law, allowed this element in developing one’s practice to continue. I gained so many invaluable connections and opportunities through this award which have contributed to my progression as an Artist.”
Ellen Love

“Career wise, the opportunity to discuss ideas, negotiate progress and effectively take a critical step back from your work is invaluable. The professional development that I have received as a result of OVADA’s Open Award has been an absolute tonic for me as an artist.”
Jon Lockhart

“As an artist who works with specific buildings and places, the Professional Development Award has enabled me to create a new portfolio of work that is in relation to a new space. Not only has the work gathered speed and momentum, it has brought together artists and musicians to make new forms in structure and sound. These interdisciplinary partnerships are dynamic and exhilarating.”
Jane Haigh

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