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Clare Carswell

Clare Carswell MA (RCA), is a British artist working with performance, drawing and installation to make works for the gallery or the public space.Exhibiting for platform events and in museums and galleries in the UK and internationally, she has also performed in a chateau, a cathedral, in a bathroom, at a birthday party and in the street. She is always pleased to work with curators but also enjoys working in an unmediated way to take her work to new and non-art audiences.

Her performance persona, MEWOMAN, uses song or the spoken word as well as strategies of play, comedy and improvisation in works that are open to situation and moment. Rooted in a fine art sensibility and feminist strategies, they use object, gesture and the drawn mark to make works that are interactive, often provocative, and that seek to engage with audience to invoke personal or collective culturally resonant memories and to propose new and inventive ways of sharing our stories and imaginings. She often works by theme or in series to make works that migrate between the planned and the spontaneous.

In recent works SMILE KEEP SMILING, DESSERT and SHOW HOLES, Clare examines the trials, and the comedy, of maintaining an ageing female body, the adaptations that need to be made in order to inhabit it and the necessity of celebrating it’s power and beauty.

Clare works from Overlay Studio just outside Oxford where she curates the work of other artists through

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  • Bubbles
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