Rigden Imogen

The Company of Everything Else - 130 photos of a rewilded garden in a company reception staff noticeboard
Imogen Rigden

I am an experimental contemporary artist who makes paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations, for example using paper, metal, water, paint and discarded building materials.

I attended W.A.S. from 2014 until 2016 and continued to attend contemporary painting classes at Ovada until 2018. My practice notices the ignored and threatened natural world in the urban and semi urban environment. I discuss the beauty and the importance of the wild plants, or weeds, and the breathing space provided by increasingly rare patches of undeveloped land. I follow the fortunes of street plants and notice their removal. More broadly my work discusses the wider threats of sea level rise and wild weather – this mostly in semi abstract paintings and drawings which unsettle the viewer.

  • Text me when you get home ... drawing with red background digitally added
  • An evening blackbird sends an afternoon song. Painted in acrylic, oil and ink on canvas
  • Family Portrait - a copper and water installation with 8 panels
  • Urban Heritage blue plaque for Herb Robert

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