Kashmira Patel

Elements of the Earth -2
Kashmira Patel

My passion for all things clay gradually evolved after many years of dabbling in brush strokes on bisque ware and porcelain using various glazes and techniques. I wanted more than that and started making my own bisque ware and learning various techniques.
After two decades, I can say this is what I always wanted to do. So, I play with clay to form abstract, organic pieces which are inspired from shapes and textures of pieces unearthed from excavations of old civilizations. My pieces are earthy, immersing in the elements of the earth –
Earth, fire, water, air and eather.
I find that working with oxides, greens and blues give me a great sense of staying connected to the earth and water and my works emerge as grounded and minimal pieces that meld with nature. Groggy surfaces that contrast with smooth and crackle glazes. Rough and smooth, isn’t that life??
I am in a meditative state when I work with clay, and in line with this state of mind, I use my creativity in my kitchen too. I love to play with spices, its aroma, and the transformations. I enjoy both my passions equally, as I am kneading the clay, or flour, or adding oxides to my creations or spices to my culinary adventures!

I recently participated and was selected by the Modern Art Oxford for the ‘Flow’ exhibition, and also participated in the ‘Oxford Arts Society’ Open Exhbition. I have participated in the Oxfordshire Artweeks for a number of years.

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