Aries Kate

'Mask' Photography (2016)
Kate Aries

Kate explores perception and illusion through experimentation with the camera, using different techniques to obscure and restrict her body. Kate uses the body as a way of questioning her identity in the contemporary world, physically, sexually, virtually and digitally: often creating a tension between a position of sexuality and one of vulnerability. Feminism and female solidarity have become an important part of Kate’s practice, as well as the adverse effects of isolation and helplessness. The body is increasingly represented to us through digital mediation. Kate’s practice focuses not only on embodied experience, but also the manipulated and processed image and the mutability of identities in this increasingly mediatised society.

Kate was awarded a Distinction Classification for her Masters Degree in Fine Art from the Winchester School of Art, and was selected as one of the best graduates in the region for inclusion in Platform, a project in association with Modern Art Oxford. Kate has been involved in a variety of exhibitions and projects both in the UK and abroad and is involved in the Filiart (Feminism in London) artist group and the Nasty Women Movement, recently showing her work at Nasty Women London. This year Kate has artworks at the Institute of Contemporary art and has been selected for inclusion in the FiLiArt100 show.

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  • 'Mask' Photography (2016)
  • 'Clown Contouring' Video at The Showcase Gallery (2016)
  • 'Virtual Vertigo' Video Still (2016)
  • 'Exposure' Video Installation (2016)
  • 'Alien' Video Still (2017)

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