Molly Taylor

Mixed media self portrait
Molly Taylor

I am an eighteen-year-old artist from Oxford. I’m mostly interested in photography and the exploration of mental states, producing zines and mixed media pieces largely involving acrylic paint, textiles, and drawing.

As a Songwriter (Aphra Taylor), I also use lyrical writing within my work, often creating poetry and word-based art.

I like to encapsulate catharsis and humanness within my work. Being able to control what we make and understand ourselves through art in a more coherent manner is one of the joys of creation. I love words, I love emotions and I love the differing visualisations of humanity through all art forms.

  • Photosensitive ink image
  • Photograph distortion with Acrylic paint
  • Charcoal Life drawing A1
  • Performance video work stills
  • Zine example page

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