Riley David

Riley David
David Riley

I use signal and noise as my primary mediums. A signal stimulates an idea, noise interferes, and the enquiry generates new outcomes.

In the record of my enquiry you will find a constant dialogue between digital and analogue, one informing the other, I flip and flop between the two and occasionally we meet in the middle somewhere to create something unexpected. In logic flip-flops are bistable elements, in my art digital and analogue are bi-unstable, almost as if there is a self clocking mechanism encouraging constant movement between states and exploration of the space in-between.

Many artists have, over the years, created a large proportion of their work with the help of assistants and technicians. For me, my network of computers are that team. Using my coding and math skills, I can explore a theme more widely and more deeply than I could if I made everything by hand. I also use a computer when precision is desired, when the goal is to eliminate as much of the noise as possible. I work by hand as a guaranteed way of introducing natural noise. By ‘noise’ I am usually considering emotion, imprecision, and happy accidents. There is a certain tension between these two approaches. The act of exploring that tension, using all the skills available to me, generates the most satisfaction. If my enquiry, practice and outcomes have any artistic value to others, then that is a bonus, a side-effect of my need to make what I make.

  • David Riley: 'Z TO A WORD CIRCLE' (2019) A Chromaluxe print on aluminium (61 x 61 cm)
  • David Riley: 'WORDS USED TO DESCRIBE A QUADRILLION NUMBERS' (2018) A Chromaluxe print on aluminium (61 x 61 cm)
  • David Riley: 'RADICAL SPIRAL STREAM' (2020) A Processing sketch animation (43 inch UHD TV)
  • David Riley: 'NUCLE - WHITE TO BLACK' (2019) Chromaluxe print on aluminium (61 x 61 cm)
  • David Riley: 'GEOMETRIC WALL 6' (2019) Timber frame, steel hooks and bungee cord (155 x 155 cm)
  • David Riley: '100 SIGNIFICANT AND CONNECTED FIGURES OF PI' (2018) Chromaluxe print on aluminium (61 x 61 cm)

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