Robinson Mary

Robinson Mary
Mary Robinson

I like working in different media, including drawing, painting and photography and am currently reworking an old film which I plan to include in an installation of 2D and 3D work.

My subject matter can be varied, but for those subjects I am consistently drawn to. One is the simultaneous sense of absence/presence in empty buildings and in the complex meaning of the word ‘home’. Bachelard, in his book, ‘The Poetics of Space’, beautifully describes this attraction … ‘The old house is a geometry of echoes. The voices of the past do not sound the same in the big room as in the small bedchamber and calls on the stairs have yet another sound. Among the most difficult memories, well beyond any geometry that can be drawn, we must recapture the quality of light and the sweet smells that linger in empty rooms, setting an aerial seal on each room in the house of memory.’

Another particular interest includes geological forms and crustacea of which I have a large collection and which I have yet to develop and exhaust as subject matter. Other imagery from the natural world such as lilies and cherry blossom and their symbolic meanings also represent subject matter that I often return to.

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