Wilmshurst Hannah

Wilmshurst Hannah
Hannah Wilmshurst

Hannah Wilmshurst is fascinated by the daily routines we abide by and the way in which we conduct ourselves. By focusing on the nature of human beings, Hannah explores how individuals present a unique identity by observing and recording their characteristics within mundane environments. Such as capturing simple actions such as walking, whilst subjects are absorbed in daily routine.

She seeks to unveil the guise that people strive to keep by catching her subjects off guard, which in turn makes us query why we feel so pressured to protect our identity. By using techniques with photography, video and printing, she blurs the boundaries between what is real and illusion by heightening elements of distortion and perspective.

Hannah exposes feelings of vulnerability for both subject and viewer and reveals our inherent desire to be a voyeur. Influenced by artists such as Sophie Calle, she directly challenges what is considered an acceptable means of observation by pushes the boundaries of photography. Ethos and .RAW enhances the questionable debate as to whether or not photograpahy remains the factial basis it was once intitialy intented for. Displaying whether or not the trust between audience and artist still exists. Ethos points out that the scrutinay of photography is actually exposed upon the photographer, rather than those photographed.

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