Temporary Closure Announcement: 19.03.2020

It is with a heavy heart that we announce OVADA is temporarily closing with immediate effect. The health and well being of our team, students, artists and everyone in our community has to be the priority in these unprecedented times.

We are planning to remain closed until June 2020 and are postponing all exhibitions, projects and new educational activities during this period. During the coming days we will be in touch directly with everyone who has booked an event or class and thank you for your patience.

On a more positive note; over the next couple of weeks we hope to be able to create a programme of digital projects. These will include online classes, virtual exhibitions, interviews and live streaming. Please do get in touch if you have any ideas or suggestions. We will aim to develop an online community for our Associates, artists and supporters to allow creative conversations to continue during this challenging time. Please stay connected and join us online by signing up to our newsletters if you aren’t currently subscribed; visiting our website; and following us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We will also be finding alternative ways to reach those who are not online.

We are currently working on measures to overcome the heavy financial impact of these changes. We are very aware that this is an exceptionally difficult time for everyone and also recognise that these changes will affect people in different ways. We ask those who can to please consider supporting OVADA during this challenging period:

  • If you have booked a class and are in a position to treat the fee as a donation instead or leave your account in credit until we reschedule, this would help significantly.
  • Support us through the Oxford Lottery for £1, with a chance of winning £25,000.

As always, we are so very grateful to our generous supporters and if you are in a position to help us though one of the ways above, it really will make an enormous difference.

One of our main concerns is that many artists and freelance creatives are faced with a period of such uncertainty. We will work collaboratively and do all we can to ensure that we continue to support our community of artists over the coming weeks. In the meantime we have added a new section to our resources page and will keep this regularly updated.

This announcement is made in solidarity with our friends and colleagues from cultural organisations across the country who are being forced to make decisions that would have been unimaginable just a short while ago. If you can, please continue to support the incredible independent and local businesses across Oxfordshire during this exceptionally challenging time.

In times like these society needs art more than ever and we will take strength from the exceptional community that surrounds us. We look forward to connecting with you in different but evermore meaningful ways over the coming weeks. Our team and trustees will be working remotely to keep OVADA’s door virtually open and will be discussing how we can continue collaborating on fresh and exciting ideas for when we are back up and running. Please take care and stay connected.

Sending positivity, warmth and well wishes from the whole team at OVADA.


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