Since 2017, OVADA has collaborated with Digital Artist Residency (DAR) – an online platform which provides space for artists to create and display new artwork. The initiative provides support for artwork created using digital processes, exploring the boundaries of art and technology. Culture and society are being increasingly influenced by digital technolgies, which is why we support artists who work with these concepts and create a discourse of around current understanding of digital media. We believe in a critical engagement in art and technology. Providing support and online space for artists to develop processes which do not require a physical space and work within digital or online contexts. In 2017 and 2019, OVADA partnered with DAR to facilitate residency, mentoring and exhibition opportunities for emerging Digital Artists, funded by Arts Council England.

Past Projects:

DAR HUMACHINE flyer front

Emerging Artists in Residence (EAir) 2019:
DAR & OVADA’s ‘EAiR’ is an artist development initiative for six UK-based participants to showcase the UK’s best new emerging artistic talent working in digital media. The opportunity provided six artists with a 2-month online residency, mentoring and culminated in an exhibition, Humanchine Flux), at OVADA. The artists who took part in the ‘Emerging Artist in Residence’ 2019 were: Bob Bicknell KnightMarc Blazel, Isabel BonafeFionn DuffyAlif Ibrahim and Sid Smith.

Emerging Artists in Residence (EAiR) 2017:
In 2017 we received Arts Council England funding through their Grants for the Arts programme to support four emerging digital artists selected by open call. These artists were: Abigail Fletcher-DryeWill KendrickAaron McCarthy and Jules Varnedoe. To mark the end of their residency the artists took part in the exhibition, Touching, not touching at OVADA in July 2017.