Past Events:

    • Acoustic Lunatics @ OVADAAcoustic Lunatics @ OVADA
      Following their 2 week residency at OVADA, Bambino dell’Oro present an intricate show which explores the warehouse acoustically, visually and spatially! The band has been focusing on the sonic potential of the space by recording soundscapes which will form part of their forthcoming album. Using found and recycled materials in collaboration with visual artist Emma Lilwall, Bambino dell’Oro has also ...
    • OVADA Warehouse openingOVADA Warehouse opening
      October 2012 marked the official opening of OVADA’s new warehouse. With special thanks to all those who have supported us along the way! PHOTOS:  Adrian Arbib ARTWORK:  ‘YES’ – Ildiko Buckley and Jane Palmer. Continue reading →
    • OCVC WorkshopOCVC Workshop
      In October 2012, OVADA hosted a one day workshop with Art and Design Foundation students from Oxford & Cherwell Valley College.  The students made site-specific artwork with found materials in response to the semi-industrial warehouse. Continue reading →
    • Anya Liftig : Produce / ProcreateAnya Liftig : Produce / Procreate
      Performed at the first open event at the OVADA Warehouse in January 2012. ” I want the viewer to challenge their assumptions about what is comfortable, what is right, and what is supposed to make sense. These actions mostly originate from desires I had as a child, but could not be expressed until now. My artistic ...
    • Archive Events (2005 – 2012)
      Please visit our former website for information about past projects from 2005 – 2012. Continue reading →