Rough Music @ OVADA

Meat cleaver music and other sonic adventures from the Pitt Rivers Museum…


Saturday 29 March, 8pm

From beguiling sounds of ancient Chinese Pigeon Whistles, to Sonic Visualisers, evocative rainforest soundscapes and bronze tuned musical meat cleavers. Follow Nathaniel Mann’s woven trail through his Pitt Rivers sonic adventuring with story and song!

Joining him on the night is the UK’s finest avant-folk performance outfit Dead Rat Orchestra. This trio of adventurers sold out in Oxford in summer 2012 and have collaborated closely with Eric Chenaux, Baby Dee and C Joynes, and toured extensively with Godspeed You Black Emperor.

This special event marks the end of Nathaniel’s residency with Pitt Rivers Museum and OCM, showcasing an ensemble performance of his latest project “Rough Music”, bridging the contrasting musical worlds of Work Song, Indonesian Gamelan and the pealing of church bells.

This event is part of Audiograft 2014 festival. Nathaniel Robin Mann is a Sound and Music Embedded artist in residence with Pitt Rivers Museum and OCM.

VENUE: OVADA Warehouse

Running Time: TBC

Tickets: £10 / £7 available online:

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