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Covid-19 Update (19.3.2020): This course was originally planned to take place on 25th and 26th April 2020 but due to our temporary closure we have been forced to postpone. We ask those who can to please consider supporting OVADA during this challenging period by booking this course in advance and pledging to attend when we reopen in the summer.

If you booked before 13.3.2020 you will be entitled to a full refund or can choose to leave your account in credit for a future class. Please contact:

Two-day weekend course
Saturday 25th – Sunday 26th April

Postponed until Autumn 2020
10am – 4pm

This weekend intensive course is an opportunity for any skill level, from beginners to those with previous (creative) coding experience. On a practical level, artist & technologist Neil C Smith will lead you through various free software tools for creative coding and working with media. Focusing on the popular Processing environment inside PraxisLIVE, we will explore graphics, video, audio, data visualization, and working with sensors.

Alongside the tools you will also be encouraged to look at and think about what you might create, looking at how other artists are working with code. We will consider work using generative graphics, interactive installations, audio-visual performances, and software art; as well as how artists are engaging with the wider political and social impacts of free (as-in-speech) software.

‘PraxisLIVE’ is a hybrid-visual live-coding system that will allow us to cover both visual node based and text based approaches to creative coding. Neil is the lead developer of PraxisLIVE, and regularly gives talks and workshops on creative approaches in coding to both artists and programmers.

Participants will need to bring their own laptop. All software used will be free and cross-platform (Windows, macOS or Linux).


  • Why code? Discussions and examples
  • Artists using, engaging with or performing with code
  • Artists engaging with the principles of libre software / creative commons
  • Introduction to PraxisLIVE
  • What it is, creating first project, relationship with Processing
  • Shapes and text, using images and video, making noise
  • Introduction to coding (for beginners) or self guided exploration with help (for those with previous experience) 


  • Libre software and open hardware
  • Discussions and examples of free software for preparing assets
  • Open hardware for incorporating sensors, physical movement, etc. into work
  • Getting Creative – A chance to make something, from scratch or adapting an example, working solo or in pairs
  • Sharing and what next? Share projects and ideas
  • How does code fit into your practice?
  • Where to find information, help and support.

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