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There's no place like home. 2020
alice brookes
Visiting Bird, performantive gestures at Briefly in transit, Stephens House, London September 2020
Annie Rapstoff
Arbib Adrian
Adrian Arbib
Flotsam  Photopolymer print
Juliet Bankes
Whirlpools and Lifebelts, original board game (2016) by Cally Trench
Cally Trench
Sue Chamberlin
Clare Carswell
Clare Carswell
Eden Jack
Jack Eden
Emma Clifton-Brown
Emma Clifton-Brown
Swan Lake', Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40 cm, (2019) -  Alex Forshaw
Alexandra Forshaw
Hellon Katie
Katie Hellon
Church Cyanotype, A5, Cyanotype (not toned), 2020
Isobel Panatti-Reeve
Jane Beinart
Jane Beinart
Can You Hear Me Now?
Julia Thaxton
Elements of the Earth -2
Kashmira Patel
Covid-19 has put our lives in limbo. This piece represents my personal experience during lockdown and as restrictions get eased, getting back to a ‘new normal’ way of life. Images have been collated to record how her time has been spent during this period, which includes screen shots from Zoom meetings, online quizzes and workouts to photos of rainbows of hope taken during daily walks, experimental cooked meals, receipts of essential purchases as well as signs and notices regarding Coronavirus. These images have been cut into strips and woven together onto a plaster cast of a female torso. Since lockdown began, time and memory seem to have lost all meaning. The extracts of the images intertwined with each other, at times blurred, represent the distorted passage of time over this period and the confusion experienced, as well as the small positives amongst the darkness of the Coronavirus pandemic.
Lana Al-Shami
golden construction
Lissa Rodd
Lockhart Jon
Jon Lockhart
In Every Drop - one of series exploring the journeys of water
Louise Shaw
marion stuart
marion stuart
Millward Miranda
Miranda Millward
Molloy Laura
Laura Molloy
Mixed media self portrait
Molly Taylor
Pawley Adrian
Adrian Pawley
'The Secrets Agency' (2008 - present) - Lucy Phillips
Lucy Phillips
Rhiannon Evans
Rhiannon Evans
The Company of Everything Else - 130 photos of a rewilded garden in a company reception staff noticeboard
Imogen Rigden
Robinson Mary
Mary Robinson
Romina Provenzi
Romina Provenzi
Sarah Wills-Brown
Sarah Wills-Brown
Safe as Houses 2020, a photographic series commissioned by Aidan Moesby for the MIMA Thresholds  Online Exhibition.
Sonia Boue
Approaching death, part 5 of 5. Quintessence. What if the light never goes out?
Stephen Lunn
Timothy Ellis
Timothy Ellis
Tita Tuttolomondo
Tita Munoz Tuttolomondo
Vicky Vergou
Vicky Vergou
Watkins Tommy
Tommy Watkins
Wilmshurst Hannah
Hannah Wilmshurst