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Jane Beinart
Jane Beinart

Associate member list

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Ackermann Uwe
Uwe Ackermann
My Father's Things - Nailbrush
Wendy Aldiss
There's no place like home. 2020
alice brookes
Visiting Bird, performantive gestures at Briefly in transit, Stephens House, London September 2020
Annie Rapstoff
Arbib Adrian
Adrian Arbib
'Mask' Photography (2016)
Kate Aries
Flotsam  Photopolymer print
Juliet Bankes
Alison Berrett - 'Abstract Shoreline' Pastel on Paper, 60 x 41cm (2020)
Alison Berrett
Blythe John
John Blythe
Karima Brooke
Karima Brooke
Browitt Joshua
Joshua Browitt
Conversation with a Triangle
Caroline Shadbolt
Play Out
Clare Carswell
Clare Crombie
Clare Crombie
Crombie Jan
Jan Crombie*
Danely Robin
Robin Danely
Eden Jack
Jack Eden
Emma Clifton-Brown
Emma Clifton-Brown
Swan Lake', Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40 cm, (2019) -  Alex Forshaw
Alexandra Forshaw
Frampton Claire
Claire Frampton
Chasm 1
Liz Gascoigne
Devotional Resonance (Acrylic) - Acrylic on Canvas - 120 x 120cm, 2019
Daniel Goodwin
Hausner Ellen
Ellen Hausner
Haynes Mary
Mary Haynes
Hellon Katie
Katie Hellon
Church Cyanotype, A5, Cyanotype (not toned), 2020
Isobel Panatti-Reeve
Jane Beinart
Jane Beinart
John Hazell
John Hazell
Elements of the Earth -2
Kashmira Patel
Kay Lynn
Kay Forrester Lynn
Kazimierczuk Elaine
Elaine Kazimierczuk
golden construction
Lissa Rodd
Lockhart Jon
Jon Lockhart
Tied Together - eggshells and thread
Louise Shaw
McLaurin Jacqueline
Jacqueline McLaurin
McLean Kieran
Kieran McLean
Millward Miranda
Miranda Millward
Milnes Tom
Tom Milnes
Molloy Laura
Laura Molloy
Mixed media self portrait
Molly Taylor
'Decoder', Acrylic on board, 32.5 x 27.3 cm, (2019)
Jeremy Morgan
Pawley Adrian
Adrian Pawley
“White House” 2019 Copper wire, concrete, timber, paint. 160(h) x 40cm(w) x 30cm(d)
Roger Perkins*
'The Secrets Agency' (2008 - present) - Lucy Phillips
Lucy Phillips
Renjifo Catalina
Catalina Renjifo
Rigden Imogen
Imogen Rigden
Riley David
David Riley
Robinson Mary
Mary Robinson
Romina Provenzi
Romina Provenzi
Sarah Wills-Brown
Sarah Wills-Brown
Sheri Stuffle Hill
Smart Matt
Matt Smart
Safe as Houses 2020, a photographic series commissioned by Aidan Moesby for the MIMA Thresholds  Online Exhibition.
Sonia Boue
Taylor Katie
Katie Taylor
Tita Tuttolomondo
Tita Munoz Tuttolomondo
Florence flask One, oil on cradled panel, 25cm x 25cm
Claire Venables
Vicky Vergou
Vicky Vergou
Wafer Jane
Jane Wafer
Microhabitable, 2019 (Matadero Madrid, Inland, Serpentine Galleries). Photo: Yuri Tama.
Tracey Warr
Watkins Tommy
Tommy Watkins
Wilmshurst Hannah
Hannah Wilmshurst